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Class 2 Driving Lessons


This license will allow you to operate buses, such as Coach ( Tour or Short Hall), School, Transit, & special activity buses. It also includes motor vehicles, or combinations of vehicles that fall into the category of Classes 4 & 5, such as ambulances, limousines, & taxis.  With this type of range of vehicles, your choice of job opportunities is quite varied, and can be tailored to suit your life style. Frequently your cargo will be people. Your first priority is to maintain the safety of your passengers. Emergency breakdowns, loading & off-loading, & pre- trip & post-trip inspections are areas that will be covered by the instructor.  Contact Us today for more information


Training at Albion is done one-on-one by an experienced driving instructor


Requirements for obtaining a Class 2 License;

  • Age – 19 years or older
  • Driving Experience – A full-privilege B.C. driver’s licence (Class 5 or 6) or an out-of-province equivalent
  • Driving Record – A driving record with less than four penalty point incidents in the past two years. No driving-related criminal convictions within the past three years.
  • Fines and Debts – All fines and debts owing to ICBC must be paid.
  • Medical conditions – Certain medical conditions may prevent you from getting a commercial licence. These include, but are not limited to: Epilepsy, brain hemorrhage, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, certain heart conditions, high blood pressure, certain diabetic conditions, and obesity.
  • Physical disabilities – If you’re an amputee or have another physical disability that may affect your driving ability, you might need a prosthetic device or specific vehicle modification to help you qualify.

Getting your licence – ICBCStudy Online – ICBC

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