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Leading Driving School on the Island

Job Placement

prostar2Albion Driver Training is proud to be able to give our students the best possible chance at finding work after completing one of our comprehensive training courses.


Albion works closely with and our training is recognized by a number of long distance logistics companies on the lower mainland. One of which accepts our graduates that complete and excel in our Advanced Mountain Course.  The student is then integrated into a team training situation until they have gained the experience to drive on their own. Albion also accepts a number of our top students into our extended training program, this is a gateway for students to gain the experience that leading companies look for when hiring drivers.


Companies normally look for drivers with two years of mountain driving experience before they will hire them as a company driver, but as the demand for drivers gets higher every year, some companies are looking to recruit new drivers that have been thoroughly trained by schools like Albion who offer real world experience and recognized training.


Albion is also the first contact for island based hauling / excavating firms, so students that wish to stay and work on the Island have a leg up on the other guys when these firms are looking to hire. Our students that complete our Advanced Mountain Course have had a very high level of success in finding employment either with our contacts or by having our course on their resume, taking REAL loads over the Rockies is more impressive to perspective employers than driving over the Malahat in a truck hauling the minimum amount of weight.

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