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Lessons for Seniors

Albion Driver Training offers specialized packages for seniors!

If you have received a request from ICBC to have your driving skills retested or face loosing your drivers licence call us today!
 Under the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles has the power to cancel or refuse to reissue a driver’s licence if the driver is found to have a medical condition or disability that compromises his/her ability to drive safely as per the “Term and duration of licences” in section 60-6 (b).  About 5,000 drivers a year in BC are required to re-test and most of them are senior citizens.
Albion Driver Training has helped many seniors successfully pass their ICBC re-examination thereby maintaining their independence. Our 5 lesson package covers all aspects of driving and prepares you completely for you re-examination by giving you the skills and confidence you need. We also offer single lesson refreshers for anyone who may be facing a re exam or is just wanting to improve their driving knowledge and sharpen their skills.


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