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Rocky Mountain Advanced Course

Kick start your career with Albion’s Advanced Driver Training Course. Get out of the classroom and into this brand spanking new 2015 Volvo 780 with sleeper ( i shift Automatic Transmission) She’s a beaut!

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Haul a live load through BC and Alberta’s toughest roads. This course teaches the fundamentals that the leading transport companies look for in new drivers. These are advanced driving lessons only available through Albion Driver Training.  Learn how to :

  • Chain upadvanced driver training course
  • Properly place a load
  • Secure a load
  • Slide axels and fifth wheel
  • Communicating with dispatchers
  • Fill out log books
  • Scale procedures
  • … and much more!

Pick up a trailer in Greater Vancouver and see it through to one of many destinations across BC and Alberta. This course is a must for anyone considering a career as a long distance driver. Give yourself the tools to find a great and rewarding career while keeping yourself and others safe on the roads. Albion is proud of our many students who have found employment opportunities upon completion of this course.  Contact Us today for more information   

All students enrolling in the Advanced Driver Training Course must hold a valid class 1 drivers license.


Telephone 250 216 5328

Albion Driver Training is the leading driving school in Victoria, BC. The company specializes in driver training and truck driver training offering automatic class 1 lessons and automatic class 3 lessons

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